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OS Warnings

Your OS may show you a warning when running the native applications. Read why.

Your OS is looking out for you, so when you install software it doesn't know it shows alerts. Here you can see the different alerts you may see when running the native applications, why you see them and what they mean.


On Windows 10 with SmartScreen enabled (the default), you may see this (scary) warning:

When you click on "More info" you can see that my name appears as Publisher... this is because the executable is signed with an Authenticode code signing certificate (you can also verify that by right-clicking on the executable and going to the Digital Signatures tab).

This message can be removed by using an EV cert (I'd need to sped $280/year... no thanks) or once my applications get more reputation. What you can be certain is that if my name appears, it means that it's an application I built and hasn't been tampered with.


When running OnChrome on a macOS, you will get this warning if you downloaded the app from this website:

As the text says, "Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected". It's signed and notarized according to Apple's standards, it has been signed with my Apple's certificate and it hasn't been tampered with.